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2 04 2014

TAG member Teresa Conte attended the March 17 meeting of the Committee on University Image and Promotion (CUIP) for a discussion of PR’s Department and Program Website initiative (introduced in the notes from TAG’s February meeting). Here are some notes from Teresa about the project:

University of Scranton Website – Project Information and Update:

  • The University updated its general website in 2012-2013
  • The Committee on University Image and Promotion (CUIP) is overseeing the next phase of updating which is focusing on Department and Program webpages.
  • Because TAG had identified the older Department webpages as an issue that affects enrollment and program images, we have partnered with CUIP on this project and have been represented at CUIP meetings.
  • CUIP has secured a company (Converge) to write the updated web content.
  • CUIP met in March and the first 50 Programs were identified to be revised and updated. Eventually, every Department/Program will have their webpages updated. The goal for completion for the first part of the project (first 50 programs) is the Fall of 2014.
  • Once the content is written and approved, another company (search being conducted) will format and publish the content to the web.
  • Converge has developed a survey that departments will complete that will assist them in using the most updated information for this project. Departments/Programs are able to individualize their web content and select what they would like highlighted, and suggest media content and other pertinent information to be included in the update.
  • This project is of vital importance to the members of the University as there is a wealth of research that shows that more and more prospective students visit websites before committing to a campus visit. This makes the website the first impression for thousands of prospective students.


Update 2014-04-03: Dave Dzurec (who also attended the CUIP meeting) provided some notes to answer questions about the project:

Departments and programs still have ultimate control of the content. The hiring of the consulting firm came in part from a larger TAG discussion about the maintenance of department and program pages–and a request for greater support from the administration in maintaining these sites.  The consulting firm is aiding in the redesign of a number of program pages (initially 50 different programs selected by a joint TAG/CUIP committee). The redesign will be done in consultation with the program faculty (TAG has already reviewed a draft of the questionnaire that will be sent to the program directors/chairs) and then overseen by each department. At this point once the update is complete the program/department site update process will continue to function as it does now–that is individual staff and faculty members in each department will be responsible for updating the sites. The longer term hope is that the administration will hire someone to more actively assist department faculty and staff in keeping the sites up to date and navigating the joy that is the CMS.





2 responses

2 04 2014

Hi there,
I can’t find a website for CUIP. Do they have one? If so, could you please share it with me? Is there a way to know which are those 50 programs that will be addressed first and/or when will programs in my department be addressed?

2 04 2014

I don’t think there is a CUIP web page at all – just their listing on the University Committees page, which includes this info:

Charge: To provide guidance and input to the University’s marketing efforts.

Mr. Gerald Zaboski Chair
Mr. Edward Steinmetz Vice Chair
Dr. Patricia Harrington
Dr. John Beidler*
Ms. Robyn Dickinson
Dr. Joseph Dreisbach
Dr. Geoge Gomez*
Ms. Lori Nidoh
MR. Gary Olsen
Mr. Joseph Roback
Dr. Abhijit Roy*
Dr. Terrence Sweeney*

Note that faculty members are representatives appointed by Faculty Senate.

Will follow up on your second question in a few minutes with some notes from Dave.

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