Student Presentations at Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference

Megan Seton, Dr. Susan Poulson, and Maura Burns at the PAT conference in April 2017

On April 1, 2017, Maura Burns and Megan Seton presented papers at the Phi Alpha Theta Eastern PA/DE/NJ/NY Regional Conference in Glassboro, New Jersey.  Seton presented “The Evolution of Women in Lackawanna County,” using newspaper and local resources to compare two representative women in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Burns delved into primary sources from the Lackawanna Historical Society, McDade Park Anthracite Museum, and the Lackawanna County Library System to explore the poor labor conditions of Scranton’s anthracite coalminers.  Her paper won an award as one of the best at the conference, and she will receive a complimentary history book from the national office of Phi Alpha Theta.  Both Burns and Seton wrote their papers under the direction of Dr. Aiala Levy as part of their Craft of the Historian course.  Dr. Susan Poulson, the moderator of Phi Alpha Theta, chaired a session on Early Twentieth Century US History.   The guest speaker at the Conference, Dr. Julian Zelizer, the Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Professor of History at Princeton University, presented on the Great Society and the meeting of Alexei Kosygin and Lyndon Johnson at the Glassboro Summit Conference in 1967, events he reviewed in his most recent book: The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Great Society.

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