Dr. Robert Shaffern helps to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

On Tuesday, 26 September, University of Scranton professor of medieval history, Robert Shaffern Ph.D., delivered a lecture titled “Johan Tetzel and the Protestant Reformation.” The talk was organized by Phil Yevics and the Scranton-based ecumenical group, Christian Communities Gathering, as part of a series of lectures at the local Catholic universities commemorating the 500th anniversary of the genesis of the Protestant Reformation. The talk was co-sponsored by the Department of Theology/Religious Studies and the Catholic Studies program at the University of Scranton. Shaffern shared his research on the indulgence controversies of the Middle Ages and the role of the Dominican Preacher Johan Tetzel in provoking Martin Luther to go public with his protests against the practices of the Papacy.


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