Elizabeth Kenny – Wrap-up of Southern California Summer Research

Hi again, everyone!

After two months of research in California, I am happy to say that I had a great experience. Living at the White Mountain Research Station (WMRS) has been amazing. I have met so many different people from all over the country working in many different fields of science. During my internship, I have learned so much about different species, life histories and identification of plants/ pollinators living in the alpine. Each day was filled with hours of fieldwork where I was able to learn a lot of new data collection techniques of fruit, seeds and pollinators. Living and working in California for 8 weeks was a great experience.

The most rewarding part of this internship in the White Mountains was getting out of my comfort zone and learning about a completely new field of biology, pollination ecology. My favorite part of my internship was getting the chance to learn more about statistical analysis and how to use data in a meaningful way to answer my scientific questions. I am confident that learning more about statistical analysis will help me in any future research that I pursue. I am not sure what field of research I will pursue in the future, but I am sure that my experience this summer has helped me tremendously. Overall, I had a great summer full of research experiences that will help me to become a better, well-rounded research scientist at Scranton and in the future.

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