Learning Along the Way

Prior to starting my internship at Presidio, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never heard of the company and I didn’t know much about the technology industry. After only a few days of picking my coworkers’ brains, I gained a lot of useful insight on the technology and sales environment. To me, gaining sales insight was one number one goal coming into the internship. While I did want to learn about Presidio and what their role in the market was, I knew that I could benefit more from the internship.

Since I had limited exposure to the technology/sales environment, there were a few obstacles that I had to overcome this summer while interning at Presidio. The most challenging aspect, however, was understanding all the engineering terms that were thrown around. Provided Presidio is a technology company, there was a lot of confusing lingo being used in all the sales meetings. It was very reassuring to hear my boss tell me that he still doesn’t understand some of the terms used by the engineers. I think if I put in the time to learn about the different aspects of technology it will all eventually come full circle and make more sense to me.

The most rewarding part of the internship was shadowing my coworkers during their sales calls. Although I didn’t actively participate in the meetings (more like a fly on the wall), I gained perspective on what it’s like to be in a sales/technology environment. I learned about the importance of developing and maintaining strong client relationships. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was given this summer to work alongside sales professionals at Presidio. I learned and absorbed so much more insight than I ever thought was possible, and for that I am forever thankful.

John McDowell
Business Administration

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  1. Much to learn without much time! It seems as if you used your time at your internship to its full potential, though. Glad you enjoyed your summer and are excited to start making those calls yourself one day.

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