Echolocation Technology and Bat Surveys

The Royal Experience Internship has allowed me to begin exploring the incredibly interesting and relatively new field of echolocation technology. Although I have only learned the very basics of surveying bats, I’ve already gained more experience in the field than I ever could have imagined. I have always enjoyed working with animals, but I never thought that I would have the opportunity to gain the specific and unique skill set required for tracking down and recording the echolocation calls of such small and evasive animals.

Populations of bats in the Northeastern United States have declined steadily since the first outbreak of White-Nose Syndrome in Albany, New York in 2006. The White-Nose fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, feeds off of the fat reserves in hibernating bats and ultimately has decimated the population levels of several species. The low populations in our region make it very challenging to survey bats so I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from Dr. Gary Kwiecinski, a bat expert. I am confident that this internship will allow me to refine the skills required to accurately survey such a rare and evasive animal.

The cultivation of my bat-finding techniques will be invaluable for me in the future, as I plan to pursue a career in animal research. The Royal Experience Internship has provided me with an opportunity to diversify my skills and gain practical, hands-on experience for my future career goals.

Tate Ackerman
Biology, Spanish, Philosophy

A Summer in Sports Marketing

This summer, I am interning with Wasserman in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wasserman is a sports marketing agency that has offices around the world and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. There are three parts to Wasserman’s business – talent, properties, and brands.

Wasserman employs agents to procure and negotiate endorsement opportunities for top athletes in professional sports. They represent athletes including Andrew Luck, Russell Westbrook, and Giancarlo Stanton. Wasserman works with sports properties to drive innovation and elevate partnership opportunities. Properties include leagues, teams, entertainment studios, and broadcast networks. The third part of Wasserman’s business is brands. Wasserman works with many Fortune 500 companies to help achieve the brands’ goals with their sports marketing programs.

I was assigned to work in the brands division at Wasserman with a client that is a Forbes Top 100 list company. The client has partnerships with many teams in professional sports including: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and the PGA TOUR. Over the past few summers, I worked with motorsports properties on the East Coast. I hope to work for NASCAR at some point in my career, but I have wanted to work with a sports marketing agency for a very long time. Rather than focusing on one sport, Wasserman has allowed me to learn about the business behind many popular sports in the United States. I hope to use this knowledge of sports business in a full-time role with a sports marketing agency after college and hopefully one day with NASCAR.

Wasserman Raleigh 2018 Summer Interns at The Intern Happy Hour

Mark Miller
Marketing and Business Administration

Developing Skills in Problem-Solving through Biochemical Research

While my summer internship intends to provide me with experience in chemical experimentation, biochemical assays, and data acquisition and presentation, I’ve realized that my summer research truly endows me with experience in complex problem-solving.

Although the theoretical aspects of my work in redox biochemistry are challenging, I find them understandable and logical. However, the application of theory through experimentation often renders me stumped. When I first began designing procedures for protein extraction while working with Dr. Timothy Foley, the procedures seemed simple. But, having applied the protocols, I quickly recognized that transforming theory into reality would be both complex and puzzling.

The search for answers to complex challenges in biochemical research renders the work both exciting and adventurous. Over the next few weeks, I hope to develop my skills in solving obstacles presented to me in chemical research. Even more importantly, I plan to learn from my research colleagues and Dr. Foley by asking questions when I doubt my understanding or my knowledge base. The first few weeks of my summer research internship have repeatedly reminded me how little I know about my work. As each optimization experiment presents a new challenge, I quickly understand that I may not know the answer, but I have resources to search for it. While I develop my talents in biochemical problem-solving and trouble-shooting, I hope to learn from my summer internship not only topics in biochemistry about which I know little, but also to be excited to say: I don’t know, but I’ll find out.

Total protein gel stained with imperial stain.

Stefan Olsen

Swinging for the Fences

The two things I want most in life are simple: to be successful and to be happy. By pursuing a career in the baseball industry, I feel that I can accomplish both of these things. When I applied for this internship position with the Sussex County Miners, I did not have a clear vision of exactly what I hoped to learn from it, but as time went on, my vision became much clearer. Throughout the course of this internship I hope to continue to learn the essentials to becoming a successful worker in the baseball world—no matter what the position. As an intern for the Miners, I am exposed to a number of different aspects of the job, whether it be contacting vendors to come advertise at games, contacting companies to make large group sales, working the box office, creating social media content, or working as a member of the promotions team. These various positions are helping me learn what qualities I must possess in order to be able to keep up in the industry.

Because I don’t have one set idea on exactly what I want to do post-graduation, the knowledge I am gaining from this internship is opening my eyes toward the various positions that exist in the baseball industry, and is allowing me to get experience working each of them, which will undoubtedly influence the specific career path I choose to pursue in just less than a year.

Jillian Wall
Strategic Communication

Creating Change at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

This summer I am working in the Office of Safety and Medical Operations at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I have been able to observe the operations of most of the subsections of the department, including patient safety, performance improvement, harm prevention, and emergency preparedness. As I continue to observe and figure out which subsections interest me most, I will have the opportunity to work on projects under mentors from some of these subsections. For example, I am working with an improvement advisor on a project that aims to optimize the scheduling process in every department by creating questionnaires and decision trees to standardize the process. This will give me hands on experience in the creation, management, and completion of improvement work throughout a hospital. Further, my experience here exposes me firsthand to hospital operations and the interconnectedness of the different departments, units, and leaders, and how important it is for them to work together in order to create positive change in the hospital. I am quickly learning that in order to excel in healthcare, I have to be able to think creatively and innovatively in order to find new ways to improve efficiency and deliver the highest quality of patient care. I hope this experience will give me more insight into what specific roles within the healthcare sector interest me most. Further, this internship is helping me to understand which skills, such as leadership and communication, to sharpen in order to be successful in my career.

Sarah Novak
Health Administration

A Full-time Position Doing Research in Neuroscience

In research and in any job, there can be a lot of administrative work necessary to keep operations running smoothly. As an intern this summer in The University of Scranton’s Biopsychology lab, I will have first-hand experience with the tasks that go on behind the work I do at the lab bench. From writing protocols and keeping animal records up to date to ordering supplies and keeping lab equipment in good condition, much goes on alongside running experimental trials in order to have a successful research lab. As most researchers work independently, even if in a larger lab group or research team, it is important to learn the skills of maintaining proper lab conditions and be self-sufficient. Additionally, I hope to learn new lab techniques including both behavioral protocols and biochemical methods in the Biopsychology lab or in collaboration with other labs at The University of Scranton. This will help me be a versatile candidate for application to Doctorate programs. This internship provides for me the opportunity to research my own project and bring it to fruition from the start with getting the necessary protocols accepted and supplies ordered to the end when all experimental manipulations are accomplished and it comes time to write the manuscript. In this way, I will see whether this process is one I can see myself running and repeating as would happen for a career in research. I hope this summer internship affirms my current aspirations to pursue research in the field of Neuroscience.

Cassie Stapf
Neuroscience and Philosophy

Raising the Bar

This summer, I will be interning with Melissa Rudas, a self-employed attorney and current Northampton County Solicitor. As an aspiring lawyer, this opportunity to learn from one of the Lehigh Valley’s most successful attorneys has the potential to be one of the most impactful experiences of my young life. The actualization of this potential falls completely on me. Working with such a masterful professional will require constant attention and meticulous work. However, this is something I welcome with open arms and eagerly anticipate. Ultimately, I hope this experience gives me clarity on my intended career path in an increasingly specialized field of work. I am hoping to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it truly takes to be successful in the field of law. This internship will allow me to grow as an entire person and give me the tools necessary to “raise the bar” (pun intended) in every facet of my life as I inch closer and closer to the beginning of my own career.

Andrew Milisits

Catching My Stride

This past academic year, I made it my mission to find and secure a summer internship with a company that is not only aligned with my field of study, but also my lifestyle. As a passionate and dedicated athlete – primarily with respect to the sports of swimming, biking and running – IRONMAN seemed to be the perfect fit. From this internship, I hope that my athletic background will aid me in becoming a knowledgeable and successful young business professional within the endurance sports industry.

Relocating to Tampa, Florida, for the summer has provided me the opportunity to momentarily experience life after college. Being away from what and who I know has forced me to develop new routines and take on different things that I would have previously left for others. Consequently, my royal experience continues well after I have left the office for the day.

At present, IRONMAN is on the rise. The global triathlon brand is valued at over $650 million and serves as the market leaders for both triathlons (IRONMAN) and running (Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series). Although this is wishful thinking, I hope that my internship turns into a full-time offer a year down the line. If that proves not to be the case, at least IRONMAN has introduced me to a plethora of other business relationships that could led somewhere else. In short, my time with IRONMAN has solidified the fact that I hope to make a career out of something I love – endurance sports.

Thomas McGinley

My CPAF Experience

As a finance major, there are many different aspects to the industry that I am eager to learn about. My internship at Cannataro Park Avenue Financial (CPAF) focuses more on insurance and investing, since they are an office associated with Northwestern Mutual. I hope to gain a better understanding of both of these disciplines. Over the past three weeks, I have already started to understand the basics of investing and insurance. I have been introduced to different softwares and applications that are used by CPAF, under Northwestern Mutual, to meet their clients’ needs and financial goals. One of these softwares, known as Morning Star, has different financial capabilities when it comes to creating Investment Policy Statements and comparing indexes for clients’ financial needs. In addition, I have learned the basics of creating Excel spreadsheets for clients with higher valued portfolios that are encouraged to move from a brokerage to an advisory account. I have sat in on three different webinars, including presentations by Collegiate Funding Solutions and “Savvy Women, Smart Investors” by Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS). I hope to learn even more about different softwares and techniques to broaden my understanding and knowledge of the industry. Although it has only been three weeks, I know this internship will continue to be a great learning experience. My internship at CPAF will be the foundation for my career path when I graduate from Scranton. Additionally, the connections I have made so far and will continue to make through the end of my internship, will be available to help and assist me in my future endeavors.

The lobby of Northwestern Mutual on the 18th floor of 245 Park Avenue, NYC.
My desk, which includes two screens for convenience when working!

Amanda Spiteri