Richmond County District Attorney’s Office (RCDA)

At my internship at the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office (RCDA), I wish to learn more about the daily work of an attorney, not just what is done at court or “on TV”. I especially want to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a prosecutorial attorney. I will be working in the Crime Strategies Unit (CSU), so I am excited to also learn more about crime prevention strategies and the criminal justice field as a whole. My current career goal is to become a criminal prosecutor, at least for now. I am also considering doing investigative work for a prosecutor’s office in the future as a career alternative. This internship is perfect for my career goals as I will be able to get hands on experience of not just prosecutorial work as an attorney, but also the opportunity to explore the many other careers within a prosecutor’s office. I have always known I have wanted to work in a public service, especially in the criminal justice field. I have always had an interest in law, government, enforcement, and politics. That interest, along with the additional benefit of being able to help people are what made me want to go into this field. At my internship there are many things I plan on doing. I’ve only interned for one day while writing this post, but I was already able to attend a homicide trial that is currently taking place in Staten Island. On top of attending trials, I plan on doing hands-on investigative work with the Crime Strategies Unit. A personal plan of mine is to also get to know the investigators at the CSU and to really pick their brain on the criminal justice and investigative fields. The majority of investigators at the CSU are well established and respected members of the NYPD’s investigative bureaus, who have gone on to have a second career at the RCDA to continue service after their retirement. They are filled with not just knowledge, but also experience working in a field I have a deep passion to work in. Being able to pick their brains and ask questions, as well as getting to know them, is not an opportunity I am going to pass up on. I am super excited to continue the rest of my internship at the RCDA.
Jake Marchese

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

As an Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine Intern at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, I am excited to become more educated in the field of veterinary science while learning proper animal care skills. Throughout my internship, I hope to learn how to handle both small and large animals, perform physical examinations, treat and diagnose illnesses in various species of animals, prepare and administer vaccines, draw blood samples, learn important surgical techniques, and aid in the preparation and recovery periods of surgery. I will have the opportunity to become familiar with medical terminology and different types of medications and vaccinations. I also look forward to learning about animal health and nutrition, which includes sustaining a healthy environment for animals to thrive.

After graduation, I plan on attending veterinary school. My experiences and professional skills learned from the Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine Internship position will prepare me for my future career, allowing me to achieve my childhood ambition of becoming a mixed-practice veterinarian. At the sanctuary, I can learn how to care for a variety of animals including cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, alpacas, rabbits, cats, dogs, turkeys, geese, and more! I am beyond excited to share my love for animals with the community and team at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, all while helping animals that are in need.

Cabre Capalongo

Reading Royals

Throughout my internship with the Reading Royals, I am eager to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will benefit my professional career moving forward. Working in the sports industry has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid, and now that I get the opportunity to intern with a professional team. I am thrilled to learn what it’s like working in sports. During my time here with the Royals, I hope to get a feel for what the atmosphere is like around the offices and around the arena on a daily basis. Are the people that work here sports fanatics? Is the setting any different from a typical office job? Is this the type of environment I would want to work in for the rest of my life? These are all questions I believe I can get an answer to while working for the Royals this summer. Hopefully, this will help me determine if a lifelong commitment to the sports industry aligns with my career aspirations and passions.

Another goal of mine this summer is to determine if a sales job could be a good fit for me in the future. Within the past year, I’ve been told twice that I sound like I could be in sales. Once at the career fair this past spring, and again at an interview for an internship position with the University of Scranton athletic department. Sure enough, I was able to land this internship with the Reading Royals, as a ticket sales and sponsorship intern. Not only will I get a feel for what it’s like to work in sports as I mentioned earlier, but I will also get to learn and apply my skills of being a sales representative. The sales knowledge I gain from this internship will hopefully open more possibilities for my future and allow me to improve my overall people skills. I am excited about this opportunity and I believe the experience I gain from this internship will greatly contribute to my professional growth.

Benjamin Trexler

Northport Historical Society

I have known ever since I was a young girl carting books with me everywhere I went, that I wanted to work in a library. This past semester, Dr. Ganges gave a talk to English majors sharing her archival research experiences in Scotland. Her discussion made me think about pursuing a different career focus. This seemed like a similar niche about organizing information and having a real influence on how people access information, but different from the work of a librarian. My summer internship at the Northport Historical Society is a unique way to work on research skills that could lead to a future career either at a historical archive or special collection library. I am gaining skills that could be used in this area but working with local artifacts from the Northport (Long Island, New York) Community. Each artifact I process needs to be evaluated and cataloged. I have assessed photos, newspaper articles and other various historical items. By learning how to catalog these historical documents and artifacts, I am learning about how The Society also hosts various community events that will give me experience working and interacting with the members. This experience will broaden the opportunities of my career path to look at history more than just the bookshelves in a library. By having experience with special collections including historical documents my career path could be broadened to working in museums as an archivist.

Amelia Semple

The University of Scranton Biology Department

This summer I will be working in Dr. Jong-Hyun Son’s Neuroscience Research Lab at the University of Scranton. Neuroscience is not only the foundation of my major but also of my future career. I am excited to gain more knowledge of the intricate connections of the nervous system and how these connections shape our everyday lives. The study of the brain and its processes are so fascinating to me because there is always something new to learn and investigate. During this internship, I will be researching the effects of hypoxia-induced neurotoxicity on adult zebrafish. I desire to further understand how hypoxic conditions affect the swimming behavior and neural connections of the zebrafish. I am excited to advance my lab techniques, communication skills, and data analysis efficiency. I look forward to applying the scientific method to intellectual inquiries and relating my findings to prior and future experiences.

Currently, my responsibility is maintaining the zebrafish colonies, which includes cleaning their tanks and filters, balancing water pH, and providing them with proper nutrition. I will then use the zebrafish to complete novel tank diving and z-maze behavioral trials. Then, I will perform immunohistochemistry to evaluate the effects of hypoxia on the cellular and molecular level. This research is important because understanding the functioning of the nervous system brings the scientific community closer to developing better treatments and, potentially, cures for neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders. Participating in this internship will not only allow me to pursue my passion for research, but it will be a stepping stone in my career as a medical professional. I aspire to become a neurosurgeon, and as a neurosurgeon my goal is to take part in medical breakthroughs and advancements in order to change the lives of others. This internship is the catalyst in neuroscience research that will be carried into my career as a physician and diagnostician.

Olivia Manarchuck

New Jersey State Parol Board

As I am entering my senior year at The University of Scranton, I am hoping to gather more information about what I want to do with my criminal justice degree and psychology and crime analysis minors. As I personally see it, internships are a good testing ground for people like me that are looking to explore different career paths with different industries. With my last internship and this current one, I look forward to being able to experience things firsthand. With my internship at The New Jersey State Parole Board this summer, I am looking to gain more experience and knowledge about the different parts of the criminal justice system. Following my internship with the New Jersey State Police in their Criminal Records and Compliance Unit last year, I am looking to explore the different careers that make up the criminal justice system as a whole. With entering my senior year, I am trying to figure out what my final destination career path is going to look like. I am hoping that these experiences will help me decide if I want to go to graduate school and get my masters in something more specific within the criminal justice realm, or if I want to go right into work as soon as I graduate from Scranton. I am specifically also seeking to gain practical experience, industry exposure, establishing networks within each department as well as developing my skills and intellectual abilities from these experiences.

Olivia Ciccimarra

Friendship House

I plan to learn a plethora of new skills and get practical experience from working as a clinical research intern this summer at Friendship House in Scranton. Psychology is a broad major with countless paths, with students typically attending graduate school post-graduation in numerous disciplines. This internship will narrow my interest and guide my graduate school applications. The skills learned at this internship will be a fantastic asset in the future as I learn the components of clinical research trials. This will be a vital skill I can use when researching my projects and helping other professors as a research assistant.

This internship will also assist me in preparing for my University Honors Program research project. It will give me practical knowledge in the area of parent-child interaction therapy, and the skills learned will be put into practice as I develop a research project of my own. This internship will likely accelerate my honors program project, which will be fantastic in the long run. Thanks to this internship, I’ll be able to compose a more complex and detailed project because I understand the information.

I hope to learn many things from the clinicians I will be working with. I hope to ask good questions that’ll provoke thought and meaningful conversations. These experiences cannot be taught in the classroom, so it is a priceless experience.

Lastly, I plan to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity and I know I will thoroughly enjoy it. The Royal Experience has provided me with this extraordinary opportunity, and I am forever thankful for the Center for Career Development and the Psychology department for always supporting me and assisting me.


Jack Burke