My CPAF Experience

As a finance major, there are many different aspects to the industry that I am eager to learn about. My internship at Cannataro Park Avenue Financial (CPAF) focuses more on insurance and investing, since they are an office associated with Northwestern Mutual. I hope to gain a better understanding of both of these disciplines. Over the past three weeks, I have already started to understand the basics of investing and insurance. I have been introduced to different softwares and applications that are used by CPAF, under Northwestern Mutual, to meet their clients’ needs and financial goals. One of these softwares, known as Morning Star, has different financial capabilities when it comes to creating Investment Policy Statements and comparing indexes for clients’ financial needs. In addition, I have learned the basics of creating Excel spreadsheets for clients with higher valued portfolios that are encouraged to move from a brokerage to an advisory account. I have sat in on three different webinars, including presentations by Collegiate Funding Solutions and “Savvy Women, Smart Investors” by Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS). I hope to learn even more about different softwares and techniques to broaden my understanding and knowledge of the industry. Although it has only been three weeks, I know this internship will continue to be a great learning experience. My internship at CPAF will be the foundation for my career path when I graduate from Scranton. Additionally, the connections I have made so far and will continue to make through the end of my internship, will be available to help and assist me in my future endeavors.

The lobby of Northwestern Mutual on the 18th floor of 245 Park Avenue, NYC.

My desk, which includes two screens for convenience when working!

Amanda Spiteri

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  1. Cassie Stapf says:

    Hi Amanda!

    It sounds like you are having constructive and informative experiences through your internship! It can be daunting learning new programs to work with, but to have experience with specific software like Morning Star prepares you and grants you another skill for the future pursuit of a career in finance. I hope the remainder of the summer continues as these past few weeks have been!

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