Hunter Smith completes his degree in Physiology and moves to Optometry

Hi, I’m Hunter Smith, a senior studying physiology at the University of Scranton!I am one of the inaugural physiology majors here at Scranton. I excitedly transferred into the program when it first became available at the end of my freshman year. I believe that choosing this course of study not only shaped my academic interests toward studying the physiological sciences, but has also provided me with the skills that will allow me to excel in optometric medical school. 

The physiology program consists of a course load that, while challenging, is designed to provide students with an immense understanding of the physiological sciences. The enriching material presented in these courses has provided me with the foundational knowledge that I believe will facilitate my success as a student of the Kentucky College of Optometry this upcoming fall.

Before I attended the University of Scranton, I knew I wanted to be a doctor, and being enrolled in this program fueled my career aspirations.  As I continued in physiology, I realized that I had made the right choice; one that would allow me to be successful not only in garnering admission into optometric medical school, but one that will provide me with the fundamental experience to enact a positive change as an Optometric Physician.

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