Physiology Senior Dan Fink reflects on his experience with the Major

Hi, my name is Daniel Fink and I am a senior studying Physiology at the University of Scranton.
As an incoming freshman in the Fall of 2016 I had a seat in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program here at Scranton. I did not know what to major in as I did not want to pursue a Biology or Exercise Science, now Kinesiology, degree. I knew that either major would have worked out just fine for the DPT, but upon learning about the new Physiology program, I knew I had found the perfect fit for me, so I declared Physiology as my major in the Spring of 2017. At that time, I didn’t realize that this decision would change my plans for my career path. This program has provided me with incredible academic knowledge as well as countless skills that will translate into my future career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The physiology program allowed me to take extremely interesting electives such as Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Cardiovascular Physiology, Biostatistics, and Genetics, in addition to the required courses such as Organic Chemistry and Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology. Taking organic chemistry opened my eyes to a new world of science, which I immediately fell in love with. This allowed me to learn the unlimited potential of the Physiology major – I could use my love of the body and newfound love of chemistry to work in an industry where I could develop life-changing medicines and technologies for people. Another awesome aspect of this major is the opportunities to do research, although I did not start research until my senior year. I have been able to assist Dr. Sweeney with the Scranton Cardiovascular Model, albeit for a short amount of time, but it has been a rewarding experience to say the least. 

The last 4 years at Scranton have been unbelievable in every aspect of my life and Physiology is an integral reason why. I have been able to form incredible relationships with my fellow classmates both inside and outside of the classroom. Also, the professors that I have had throughout this major are some of the most helpful and considerate individuals I have encountered, as they truly want each and every one of their students to succeed no matter what it takes. This university is a tight-knit community in which I am proud to have had an impact – whether it be through different organizations or through participating in events throughout campus, such as Relay for Life. It all has been an incredible experience. 

All in all, I could not be happier that I chose this University and this major, as those choices have allowed me to grow as both a student and individual. I am not leaving Scranton doing what I thought I would be doing upon stepping foot on campus back in August 2016, but I will forever be grateful for all that I have been able to realize and become in my time here.

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