Congratulations to our newest Scranton Summer Research Fellows!

The Provost’s Office has just announced this summer’s recipients of the University’s prestigious President’s Fellowships for Summer Research. The Biology department is proud to announce that six of our students majoring in the Biological Sciences have succeeded in securing these coveted awards for funded summer research experiences. Each fellow will receive a $3000 stipend, an additional $500 budget for supplies or travel to a scientific meeting, and the availability of free on-campus summer housing. The new Scranton fellows are:

  • Charles Dominick, Langhorne, PA (mentor: Dr. Jong-Hyun Son) – rising Senior in Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology; Project: “The effects of a high-fat diet on acetylcholine esterase during the central nervous system (CNS) development”
  • Margaret McGrath, Merion Station, PA (mentor: Dr. Christopher Howey) – rising Junior in Biology; Project: “Studying the Effects of Ambient Light at Night (ALAN) on the Natural Rhythmicity of Glucocorticoids”
  • Mahad Muhammad, Freeland, PA (mentor: Dr. Maria Squire) – rising Junior in Biology; Project: “The Effects of Tylenol on Cortical and Trabecular Bone Quantity and Morphology in Adolescent Mole Mice”
  • Richard Terranova, New York, NY (mentor: Dr. Marc Seid) – rising Senior in Neuroscience; Project: “The Effects of social isolation on axonal pruning in the mushroom bodies of the ant “Pheidole dentata”
  • Cara Webster, Bradford, PA (mentor: Dr. Marc Seid) – rising Senior in Neuroscience; Project: “Army ant raiding as a learning tool for bat foraging behavior”, and
  • Sarah White, New York, NY (mentor: Dr. Anne Royer) – rising Junior in Biology; Project: “Testing maintenance of divergent “M.ringens” life histories with morphological differences, resource allocation, and inbreeding depression”

We plan to have each student blog this summer on their research experience, so please stop back to learn about their progress. In the meantime, please congratulate these budding researchers, and congratulate the many other students in the Biological Sciences who will be taking on research experiences this summer.

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