Biology Graduate Eva Rine reflects on Scranton and her new job at Sanofi

Hi, I’m Eva Rine, and I’m a senior biology major.

I started off as a pre-med BCMB major, but I soon realized that my passion was not in chemistry but biology. I changed my major to biology and my concentration to environmental studies, and have been focusing on the environmental aspects of the biology major. While I have been preparing for a job – ideally – in environmental consulting, COVID-19 brought with it the worry that I would not be able to get any job, let alone my most ideal job. That worry soon became reality as the country and the world shut down, and non-essential businesses came to a halt.

While I didn’t expect to start out my career with an essential job in a pharmaceutical corporation, I took a chance on a recruiter email sent to Dr. Sweeney from Sanofi. Within an hour I heard back from the recruiter, and within a few weeks I had filled out tax forms and been background checked and drug tested. Citing lab experience in the labs I’d taken at Scranton, as well as interpersonal experiences, I was offered a job in the formulations department just hours after being interviewed. The University of Scranton has provided me with an education and a confidence that not only prepared me to excel in the field I expected to be in, but also in the unexpected.

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