Interning Where the Pros Go

As an intern at Barwis Methods in Port St. Lucie, Florida I have already learned more about physical therapy and personal training in my three weeks than I ever could have imagined. Barwis Methods is a professional training center that focuses on holistic human performance with four locations across the nation. Athletes and PT patients travel to these facilities from all over to experience training and care you can get nowhere else.

Through my time at Barwis Methods I hope to continue learning from my coworkers and gaining hands on experience by coaching athletes through their training regimen. Not only am I seeing the different ways physical therapy can be provided, but also the strength and conditioning side that is needed for every athlete to fulfill their potential and the science behind it all. This will help with my career path because I hope to be working in a gym or facility like Barwis Methods; I want to work to help athletes and patients alike become the best they can possibly be.

There is a quote on the wall in the gym that states “If the people we work with today mean more to us than ourselves, we will be good at our jobs”. I hope to learn everything I can at Barwis Methods to live out this quote wherever my career and education takes me.

Julia Giaimo
Exercise Science

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