Using My Internship as a Stepping Stone to My Future

It’s already been three weeks into my internship, and I have learned a plethora of interesting and insightful information about the sales field and what it takes to be successful. My first week was an intro into the life of an account manager at Presidio and what their daily routines are. At 8:00am on Monday mornings, there’s a meeting to discuss each account manager’s sales forecast for the upcoming week/month. This is the most important part of the week because it sets the scene for the rest of the days to come. This helped me understand that although you’re given a lot of autonomy as a sales person, you’re responsible for getting the numbers you forecast in the Monday meeting. I noticed that the meetings were laid back and the account managers were enjoying each other’s company. This is reassuring because I want to work in an industry that expects a lot but isn’t always micromanaging its workers.

After the Monday meeting, the week is set and the sales team has to begin working for their clients. I was lucky enough to sit in on various client meetings and experience what it’s like to own your own account. Although it can be stressful at times, working with people is always something I have wanted to do with my career. Hopefully this internship opportunity will equip me with the necessary tools to become a good sales person in the future. I want this internship to give me valuable experience in the sales field so I know whether or not I want to pursue a career in this field.

John McDowell
Business Administration

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  1. Unknown says:

    Perfect example of one of the primary benefits of an internship! Sales can definitely be a tricky and stressful field to work in at times, so I think gaining some hands-on experience will help facilitate your career interests.

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