Letting My “Fringe Flag Fly”

I am interning for the Scranton Fringe Festival, a multi-day performing arts festival that takes place in downtown Scranton.  Not only is this festival great for the arts, but it also benefits many local businesses that serve as venues for the performances.  This is an ideal internship for me because I am a strategic communication major with a track in advertising and minors in theater and general business.

Through this internship I hope to assist with and further learn how to successfully develop short term and long term events. I have already worked on two events for the Fringe.  One event was a marketing workshop for the artists involved with the festival.  I had the opportunity to plan and execute a live stream for the artists from out of town.  In addition to working at the workshop, I had the chance to sit in on the event and listen to the guest speaker.

A project I am helping with is assisting the Fringe to get more sponsors.  So, I have been meeting with many business owners to discuss buying ads in the festival’s program.  These skills in communication and negotiation will be crucial to my career, and I am grateful to be able to start fine tuning them now.

I have a huge love for theater, and I try to support it in any capacity that I can, so I cannot wait to continue doing so with the Fringe this summer!

Allison Northrop
Strategic Communication

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  1. This experience seems like a great fit for you! It seems like you're using all your experiences so far to excel in this position and you're having fun while doing it. I hope I get to attend the fringe festival later on this year. Good luck!!

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