An Internship with the Biopsychology Lab

An internship with the Biopsychology lab here at The University of Scranton is an amazing opportunity to develop and advance lab techniques. I have been a part of this lab for over two years now, and I have grown so much already. This internship will allow me to understand what it would be like to have research as a full time job and hopefully, in the future, a career. I will be able to learn things that I would not have the opportunity to learn during the school semester. I am excited to expand my knowledge and interests in my field, and hopefully I will be able to apply these to future studies done by the Biopsychology Summer Internship. In the first three weeks of my internship experience I have learned many useful skills including cutting, mounting, and staining brains. I am excited to see how all the things I have learned and practiced will come together in the near future. These skills also perfectly align with the requirements of future internship applications which would allow me to continue to grow toward my ultimate career goals. My career path would require me to receive a PhD, and having these internship experiences is a vital point in beginning that process. I am excited to see what is in my near and distant future due to this internship.

Kerry Buckhaults

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  1. It's so great that your internship is directly providing you with skills that you can use in your future career. Since I am also interning in a lab at The University of Scranton this summer, so I strongly agree that working in a lab this summer will provide you with techniques you can use in future internships. Working in an environment similar to your future work environment really seems to be the best way to prepare for a future career, and I hope you continue to have a great time learning this summer.

  2. Alli Northrop says:

    Cutting, staining, and mounting brains seems very intricate! Good luck and great pictures!

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