Which door should I open?

One of the main reasons I wanted to apply for internships was to begin to figure out what job I wanted. Lucky enough, forensic chemistry has a broad range of job options. There’s only one problem with that- which opportunity should I pursue? I love crime scene investigations, but there isn’t just one entity that does the investigation. I need to narrow down what position I really want to delve into. There are so many doors to open, but I need to figure out which one to open and possess a future in. This internship can help me dive into the roles of a coroner and medical examiner. Today was just my first day, and I began to learn how many people are involved in a death. At a scene, fireman, policeman, coroners, and many more entities come. Once the body is retrieved from the scene, a medical examiner performs autopsies if necessary. Today, I went with a deputy coroner to the hospital to pronounce a man dead. The coroner must take pictures, declare if an autopsy is necessary, and retrieve the admitted blood (blood the hospital takes from the body when the patients are admitted). So many people come together to solve a crime scene investigation. In summary, I want to learn all of the career paths and personnel involved in a crime investigation to figure out which career path I want to pursue. The possibilities are fortunately endless!

Brittany Ruch
Forensic Chemistry

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2 Responses to Which door should I open?

  1. Julia Giaimo says:

    It sounds like this internship will definitely help you decide on what specific career path you would like to pursue! No one ever considers the behind the scenes aspects of crime scenes and I found what you said very interesting! Best of luck with the rest of your internship!

  2. Alli santoro says:

    Im glad you commented on mine I read yours and could relate. Your experience sounds extremely interesting thus far. From the outside looking in on jobs it seems pretty cut and dry, I'm in a similar situation realizing how much really goes into what you thought was something simple. I wish you the best of luck and I am looking forward to hearing about the rest of your experience!

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