First Month of My Internship

It feels like time has flown by so fast during my first month here in Singapore, but during this small period of time I was able to learn so much about the culture here, in addition to learning more about computer programming. In my internship, I have been learning how the language Python is used in web development, as well as gaining experience in dealing with clients directly, which I have never done before; I believe it is a perfect fit for me, as it corresponds heavily to my major and gives me a great opportunity to explore southeast Asia while learning more in the field of computer science. This experience will heavily impact my career path as well, as having the international experience has become increasingly important to employers, and it will also benefit me in my goal to go to one of the top graduate schools in the country to obtain my MBA. For the next two months, I hope to learn more about interacting with other companies as well as further develop my programming skills, while also learning more about the culture.

Nicholas Constantinou
Computer Engineering

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  1. Paula Awuku says:

    Sounds like you're having an incredible time in Singapore. I have been looking forward to exploring working experiences outside the United States and your blog just confirmed my anticipation to work abroad. Good luck exploring Southeast Asia and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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