Reflection on my summer in the Public Defender’s Office

I never imagined enjoying my internship as much as I did. Every day I looked forward to learning new things and seeing what the day had in store. The employees in the Public Defender’s Office helped me to develop skills that will be useful in any career I choose. Throughout my time in the office, I also learned that a legal career is something I could see myself in for an extended period of time. I have decided that I will take the Law School Admission Test and apply to schools this year. The opportunity to have this experience has allowed me to make these decisions and see what a legal career would actually entail. Because of this, I would like to thank all of those who make the Royal Experience Internship Program possible.

Some of my time in the office included drafting petitions. These included petitions to Appoint Conflict Counsel, Modify Bail, Bail Reduction, and Lift Detainers. The most challenging part of my internship was drafting each petition similar to the style of the attorney on the case. Each attorney had distinctive information that they wanted to be included in different chronological orders. I enjoyed learning what each petition should include, what details from the case were necessary, and where to find the proper information.

I was shocked by the amount of work that the attorneys were willing to let me do on my own. The most rewarding part by far was seeing how much they trusted me to get the work they assigned done in a timely manner and with little instruction. From drafting petitions and writing letters to interviewing clients, I never felt restricted. One of my favorite assignments was going to the Lackawanna County Prison and interviewing a client who was applying to treatment court. Sitting across from an inmate with a glass wall between us talking on the phone gave me a chance to see what life was like for attorneys outside of the courthouse. This also gave me an opportunity to combine a Counseling and Human Services background with a real life legal scenario, since drug and alcohol treatment was the main goal.

Overall, I had an amazing experience that would not have been possible without the Royal Experience Internship Program. I am beyond grateful for all of the people that helped me through this. I learned plenty of real life experience and met people who inspired me through their ways of practicing law. Thank you again!

Delia Gavin
Counseling & Human Services
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  1. Paula Awuku says:

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  2. Paula Awuku says:

    Delia, it looks like your summer experience working in the Public Defender's Office proved fulfilling. I worked closely with attorneys as well and I can relate to your experience. Attorneys do a lot in preparation for court and I am glad that you got to see and learn these kinds of case preparations first hand. If you do decide to go into the legal field, I am sure you will do amazing because you seem very passionate about this career path. Have a great fall and I wish you luck in the LSAT if and when you decide to take he test.

  3. Mansour says:

    Good Work Thanks.

  4. kimia says:

    Happy 2022
    Really Nice Post, thanks for sharing.

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