Raising the Bar

This summer, I will be interning with Melissa Rudas, a self-employed attorney and current Northampton County Solicitor. As an aspiring lawyer, this opportunity to learn from one of the Lehigh Valley’s most successful attorneys has the potential to be one of the most impactful experiences of my young life. The actualization of this potential falls completely on me. Working with such a masterful professional will require constant attention and meticulous work. However, this is something I welcome with open arms and eagerly anticipate. Ultimately, I hope this experience gives me clarity on my intended career path in an increasingly specialized field of work. I am hoping to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it truly takes to be successful in the field of law. This internship will allow me to grow as an entire person and give me the tools necessary to “raise the bar” (pun intended) in every facet of my life as I inch closer and closer to the beginning of my own career.

Andrew Milisits

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  1. Thomas McGinley says:

    As the child of two defense lawyers, I have always been intrigued by my parents chosen career paths. After graduating from the University of Scranton, they went on to pursue a law degree at the Catholic University of America – later being admitted to the Maryland/DC bar. While my parents work in the same office – only being separated by the reception desk – their paths rarely cross. My mother is a partner in a large firm who specializes in medical malpractice, while my father is self-employed who specializes in insurance defense for common carriers (e.g. buses/trucks). Over the past two years, I have worked with my father part-time. From summarizing key medical reports to attending depositions and mediations.

    Enjoyed reading your post as I can relate to the mastery and attention to detail involved with this line of work; and look forward to your next post so that I can learn more about your experience.

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