A Full-time Position Doing Research in Neuroscience

In research and in any job, there can be a lot of administrative work necessary to keep operations running smoothly. As an intern this summer in The University of Scranton’s Biopsychology lab, I will have first-hand experience with the tasks that go on behind the work I do at the lab bench. From writing protocols and keeping animal records up to date to ordering supplies and keeping lab equipment in good condition, much goes on alongside running experimental trials in order to have a successful research lab. As most researchers work independently, even if in a larger lab group or research team, it is important to learn the skills of maintaining proper lab conditions and be self-sufficient. Additionally, I hope to learn new lab techniques including both behavioral protocols and biochemical methods in the Biopsychology lab or in collaboration with other labs at The University of Scranton. This will help me be a versatile candidate for application to Doctorate programs. This internship provides for me the opportunity to research my own project and bring it to fruition from the start with getting the necessary protocols accepted and supplies ordered to the end when all experimental manipulations are accomplished and it comes time to write the manuscript. In this way, I will see whether this process is one I can see myself running and repeating as would happen for a career in research. I hope this summer internship affirms my current aspirations to pursue research in the field of Neuroscience.

Cassie Stapf
Neuroscience and Philosophy

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2 Responses to A Full-time Position Doing Research in Neuroscience

  1. Stefan Olsen says:

    Hi Cassie,

    I hope your research has been both rewarding and challenging. Before I began investing time in research, I had a (very) false understanding that research involved simply planning and running experiments to obtain satisfactory results. Yet, as you’ve detailed, the process of research is so much more complex and it requires significant chunks of time for bureaucratic activities. I quickly realized that the administrative portion of research keeps one’s project on track. I hope the internship continues to give you the opportunity to learn more about the administrative portion of research that I know very little about. Moreover, I wish you the best of luck on your research project!

  2. Andrew Milisits says:

    Hi Cassie!
    It sounds like you have an absolutely amazing opportunity in front of you. There is nothing more fulfilling than having an abstract idea come to life with yourself providing the medium throughout the entire process. I am certain that this summer will be very influential for you, especially on your career discernment. Research provides a very unique learning environment that will allow your field to only expand and grow! Best of luck!

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