Do the Right Thing, Get it Done, and Don’t be a Jerk

I came into my internship at Nichols Law Offices not knowing if I wanted to be a lawyer. Furthermore, I was apprehensive about working in an office for the first time. Everyone looked so serious and business like. I wasn’t used to that level of formality. But, then my new boss, Craig Nichols, introduced me to the office. He then told me that there were only three rules that I had to follow: Do the right thing, get that “thing” done, and don’t be a jerk while doing it. I knew as soon as he said those things that I had come to the right place. Those three rules not only have helped me in the internship, but also will stay with me going forward.

The people at Nichols Law Offices have welcomed me with open arms, and I have learned more than I could ever have imagined. As a firm that deals primarily with immigration, I feel that I am also making a difference too. We get to help people come to the greatest country in the world. My internship has been a great experience so far, and I’m so excited to see where it takes me.

Colin Sommers
History/Political Science

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2 Responses to Do the Right Thing, Get it Done, and Don’t be a Jerk

  1. Blake Hammert says:


    I agree completely that lawyers always look formal and business like, so I can imagine that if I were in your shoes, I would feel nervous as well! I like Mr. Nichols three rules… simple and to the point! Glad to hear that they welcomed you so nicely. Do you wish to pursue a career specifically in immigration law, or what made you pursue this internship specifically at a firm that deals with immigration?

  2. Michelle D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Colin!

    Your internship sounds very informative and seems like a great work environment. I hope it helps you decide if you want to be a lawyer and narrow down what type of law you want to practice. Immigration law seems intimidating but like you said, you are getting to help people and that’s the best part of any job! Your boss’s three rules, though humorous, have a serious note that is applicable to anyone in any field. I think we can all take that phrase and apply it to our own internships and lives. I hope your internship continues to go well and you continue learning and helping others! Good luck!

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