Fundamentals in Chemical Research

While I hope to gain knowledge about techniques and skills in glycobiology, I have realized that I am learning what it means to ask the right questions. The renowned scientist I work under has shown me that it is far more important to be able to understand and think about the right questions than it is to perform a procedure. An attitude of complex problem solving is a mentality that I hope to gain by the end of the summer.

The Royal Experience has given me the opportunity to be exposed to the lifestyle and work ethic of an industrial scientist. While I have only been here for a few weeks, it is clear that this facility is dedicated to research and that their focus is producing cutting-edge science. Daily tasks of writing manuscripts, reading literature, and preparing samples makes clear the expectations that this research group has set for itself. This environment is the type I hope to find myself in during the coming years. Moreover, it has given me a clearer picture of what I should be looking for in graduate school in this coming fall. I am confident that this experience will provide me with the necessary skills to excel as a highly qualified candidate in a doctoral program. Most importantly, this involvement has affirmed my love for research.

Nolan McLaughlin

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  1. Blake Hammert says:


    I enjoyed reading your blog post. Where exactly are you doing your research? Also, I am glad to here you that the internship has helped you in your future decisions regarding graduate schools! Hopefully, you are on your way to learning complex solving – wishing you the best of luck!

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