Marketing and Managing a Growing Camp

My marketing internship at Our Lady of the Fields Camp and Retreat Center in Brighton, Michigan is going very well. Because this camp and retreat center is new and still developing, I hope to learn how to market and manage a business from the ground up. Through my marketing tasks, I hope to learn how to create a brand for a growing business by reaching out to people, especially through social media. Most businesses nowadays are maximizing social media, so I hope to learn the best ways to utilize these platforms to reach a wider audience. Through my management tasks, I hope to learn how to communicate with others, delegate tasks to others, and work together with my coworkers. I also hope to learn more about networking and developing relationships with people.

This internship also gives me experience on working for a nonprofit organization, and I hope to gain insight on how a business like this operates. Because I do not know exactly what career I want in the business field, this internship is very beneficial to me as a business administration major, which is broad and gives me the ability to take various routes in my career path. With this internship, I can gain experience in marketing and management and decide which I like more or if I like both. I have learned a lot so far in my internship, and I am excited to continue to gain more experience.

Maria Hickey
Business Administration

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  1. Blake Hammert says:


    The ability to intern at a growing company sounds awesome, as you get to be there from the start up, and see many different aspects of growing a business! I bet this will make you very diverse in the business world, and help you instrumentally in decisions regarding your future career! How did you find out about this organization – are you from Michigan?

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