Royal Museum Experience: Everhart Museum

This summer interning at the Everhart Museum’s department of Museum Education, Programming and Events, I hope to gain a broader understanding of how a small museum functions day-to-day as well as the roles of the different departments in a museum. Having grown up in Scranton, PA near the Everhart Museum, I also hope to achieve a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into keeping the arts alive in our community through their different projects, initiatives, camps and events. I am hopeful that this internship will help me to better understand my future career path by helping me decide whether I would like to pursue museum work or education. Currently, I am able to work on my Art History skills by writing information sheets for tours that compare and contrast a work of art in the Everhart’s galleries to a famous, well-known work of art. In addition to that, to gain experience in the education field, I am working on creating self-guided art activities in the open studio for visitors to make art on their own after viewing the galleries. I anticipate a very educational and thought-provoking summer here at the Everhart

Virginia Farrell

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  1. Blake Hammert says:

    Hi Virginia,

    Awesome post! I honestly have never been to the Museum, but after reading your blog post, would like to check it out! Your idea that would allow visitors to make their own art after viewing the galleries is an great idea – I think it would be a great way to draw more people into the museum. Wishing you the best of luck over the remaining course of the internship!

  2. Jordan Oakey says:

    Hi, Virginia!
    I LOVE your idea to let patrons here at the Everhart make art through guided prompts, that will be very valuable to see, especially for how people interpret the art they see here, and the emotions the art evokes. I am also intrigued to read your guided tour write-ups! I spend a lot of time in the galleries here on the weekends, and am always looking for new things to think about while viewing the art.

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