From a Royal to a Husky: A Summer with UConn Basketball

There are numerous career paths that a student enrolled in an Exercise Science Program may choose to pursue. As someone who has always had an interest in health and fitness, a potential career path that appealed to me was in the field of Strength and Conditioning. This interest, along with assistance from The Royal Experience Summer Internship Program, has afforded me the opportunity to spend my summer in Storrs, Connecticut as a Strength and Conditioning Intern with The University of Connecticut Men’s Basketball Program.

Some of my daily tasks include weight room setup and breakdown, pre/intra/post workout nutrition preparation, and exercise demonstration – all of which have allowed me to gain “hands on experience” in the field of strength and conditioning. In comparison to most sports, a basketball roster is relatively small; it is almost as if I am working with each athlete individually, providing motivation and positive reinforcement.

In addition to the “hands on experience” comes the wealth of knowledge I have learned and hope to continue to learn throughout the duration of my internship. Interning under Coach Sal Alosi is as good as it gets, as he has been a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at both the professional level (NFL) and for various sports at the collegiate level. The ability to intern and study under a coach who has “experienced it all” has both solidified my desire to work in the field of Strength and Conditioning, and set me up for success in my future career path.

Weight room

Myself prior to day beginning

Nutrition preparation – top three shelves are stocked each day / bottom four shelves are the shakes made each day

Blake Hammert
Exercise Science

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2 Responses to From a Royal to a Husky: A Summer with UConn Basketball

  1. Maria Hickey says:

    Your internship sounds really awesome, and I am glad you are gaining so much experience. This one of the career paths I considered at one point, so this is super interesting to me! I also played college basketball for two years before transferring to Scranton, so I know how big of a deal it is as a player to have people like you that make a difference. Especially with you being at such an elite program and school, I can only imagine how amazing this opportunity is for you! It is also nice that this internship has helped you decide on your future career. Best of luck the rest of the summer!

  2. Claire Jarvis says:

    Blake, your internship looks awesome! As a former volleyball player, I know the important role that strength and conditioning plays in the performance of athletes in all sports and so I can appreciate what your team is doing. I love that this program also focuses on nutrition, as it is often forgotten about. This sounds like a great opportunity to make connections for your future career; good luck!

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