A Student in the Weight Room

Pursuing a college degree requires students to study and learn material in a specific discipline. In doing so, students hope that they will gain the credentials necessary to acquire a job post-graduation. A student’s pursuit of knowledge is a fantastic start, but he or she should also acquire experience when pursuing a career in the field of strength and conditioning.

The most challenging aspect of my summer internship with The University of Connecticut Men’s Basketball Program has also been the most rewarding. In strength and conditioning, there are numerous methods of achieving similar results. While there is no method that is one-hundred percent correct, a coach who programs trainings with a purpose, a specific reason for choosing “Method A” rather than “Method B” will probably receive better and more efficient results than a coach who does so without a purpose.

In my attempt to understand the purpose of the “why” in the strength and conditioning program, I have asked multiple questions, read suggested articles, and studied the athletes’ programming. In doing so, I have been a student under the direction of Coach Sal Alosi throughout the summer and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Furthermore, the ability to apply this knowledge in working with collegiate athletes has granted and exposed me to invaluable experiences that I believe will be extremely beneficial to me in my pursuit of a career in the field of strength and conditioning.

Left: Meade Beebe, Professor, Department of Kinesiology – The University of Scranton
Middle: Sal Alosi, Director of Human Performance – The University of Connecticut Men’s Basketball
Right: Blake Hammert

Blake Hammert
Exercise Science

3 Replies to “A Student in the Weight Room”

  1. Hi Blake,

    It must be really cool to work with elite athletes every day. The great thing about sports is that so many lessons can translate over to life, and it looks like you have taken some of those lessons from this summer to heart.

  2. Blake, this is awesome! You had such a unique summer internship and one that sounds beneficial to you both in the classroom and on the field. I’m happy to hear that you had such a rewarding experience this summer.

  3. Blake, this sounds like an amazing summer. What do you plan to do with this experience in the future? Also did you partake in any of the training routines that you helped develop. Overall, this sounds like a super rewarding experience

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