Night (& Summer) at the Museum

Every day at the Everhart this summer, I spent my time with thoughtful people who are passionate about their work. It was fulfilling to be surrounded by people who love what they do and are an inspiration to me daily. I loved the opportunity to spend my days in my hometown, Scranton, PA, and contribute to the ongoing effort to make the museum more welcoming, accessible and innovative. I wrapped up the summer by installing the very first Open Studio activity that I was tasked with creating. The activity’s topic is portraiture and asks visitors to draw a picture of someone they respect and write about their admirable qualities. I also had the opportunity to finish creating compare and contrast pieces that compared famous works of art such as Starry Night to the Everhart’s very own painting also named Starry Night. One of the most rewarding tasks I worked on with the Education Department was helping craft a tour for the visually impaired. This included coming up with sound and tactile pieces.

The most challenging part of my internship was researching certain pieces we have in our galleries for the compare and construct sheets. Many of the works of art have little to no information, which requires a lot of primary source research through the museum’s files. However, while this experience was challenging, it was exciting to look through old files filled with hand-written correspondences and photographs. I will miss my internship at the Everhart and I am very thankful for the relationships I made this summer.

Virginia Farrell

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  1. Virginia,
    I love that you made the museum more accessible to everyone in the community, including those with visual impairments! It sounds like an awesome project! I volunteer at the Lackawanna Blind Association and if you plan on continuing this project, they would be a great resource to you.
    I also think adding an open studio is a great way to get people more involved in art and the museum. It sounds like you had a busy and successful summer internship!


    1. Hello,

      It seems like you had a great time during summer at the museum. I have never been to the Scranton Museum before, but your blogs are making me want to see those amazing arts and meet some awesome people you have mentioned. Just like you have said, I also agree the this summer felt short, but it was a meaning full summer because we’ve learned a lot throughout these past three months. I hope you will be offered with many more opportunities like this in future. Good Luck!

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