“Fawning” Over my Experience at Antler Ridge

As a rehabilitation sanctuary, Antler Ridge serves as a temporary home for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife where they are nursed back to health and prepared for life in the wild. It is a sad reality that not every animal can be saved, but those that are get released back into the wild. Watching the animals leap and roam about in grass fields without the constraints of a cage, was the most rewarding and humbling experience of the summer. Releases served as a reminder that wild animals are not meant to be domesticated and caged. They also affirmed that the time spent, care given, and enrichment provided for the animals was all worth it. However, this summer did not come without challenges. Three weeks into my internship, the director/ my mentor broke her leg. In her absence, I was rushed into a role of leadership as I was still learning the ropes myself. Given the responsibility to oversee the sanctuary, it’s volunteers and intakes, as well as the care provided for the animals (especially the fawns) was intimidating and it challenged me to take on a position of authority. Despite the hardships, I am grateful for the opportunity this summer to have interned at Antler Ridge. I worked with some of the most unique animals- including a mink, met amazing volunteers that helped me learn and grow, and improved my leadership, communication, and organization skills. Most importantly, I gained valuable knowledge and skills to become a successful vet.

Michelle D’Alessandro

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  1. Wow Michelle! Your experience at Antler Ridge sounds very interesting and a great test of leadership. Congratulations on a successful summer, sounds like you are well prepared for vet school!

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