An Introduction to Biomedical Research

This summer I have the privilege of working at Upstate Medical University in Dr. Jeffery Amack’s lab in the Cell and Developmental Biology department. The lab utilizes zebrafish embryos to study the cell biology, genetics, and biophysics of developmental processes that may have problems during embryogenesis and lead to birth defects. Specifically, I am working closely with Peu Santra, a PhD student, to examine mutations that may impact the development of hair cells that cause sensorineural deafness.

After graduation, I plan to attend medical school. Although I am passionate about becoming a physician, I am unsure how involved in research I want to be. Over the course of my experience in the lab, I hope to be able to determine to what degree I want research to be a part of my career and figure out my research interests. Additionally, I am excited to gain more hands- on experience with various laboratory techniques and protocols, especially at an academic medical institution. Since my start date was delayed due to COVID-19, I have only spent one week in the lab so far. In this short time, however, I have already learned a lot about the theory behind research I am conducting and gained a myriad of wet lab skills. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the summer holds!

Ellyn Prusinowski
Philosophy, Biochem Cell Molecular Biology

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2 Responses to An Introduction to Biomedical Research

  1. Jithin V George says:

    Hi Ellyn,
    This sounds like such an awesome and unique experience! I’ve constantly reflected on the roles I want research and medicine to play in my future and summer experiences like these are what helped inform my decisions. I’d love to learn more about what you’ve learned from your research and your future plans!

  2. Carly Dugan says:

    It sounds as though this program is providing us both with a great opportunity to learn more about what we want to do in our future career. The same way you are undecided about how involved you would like to be in research, and your internship is giving you a chance to test it out, my internship is giving me the opportunity to see if I would enjoy working with a non-profit organization. Good luck to you during the remainder of your internship, and I look forward to sharing stories about this experience when we eventually meet!

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