An Overall Great Experience

Throughout my experience working with the Jafri Capital team and interns I have valued all that I have learned and witnessed over the summer. After creating the blogs I have been working on this summer I came across the most rewarding part of my internship. After writing various different blog posts, the team and I wanted to designate a more prominent section of their site and company to posting these blogs. We structured the website and updated all social media platforms to announce the coming of the new Jafri Journal. Seeing the great responses from individuals outside of the company was very rewarding and fulfilling to me. I am very grateful for having such a great intern team; they helped me create the name and visual for The Jafri Journal.

The most challenging part of my internship was the very start of writing a new blog topic. After having our team meeting, we would choose a new topic for me to create a post on. Since my background is not in real estate capital markets, I would have to research the topic as well as relating it to what I have learned from the team for instance, focusing on the asset classes. Starting from nothing and creating something knowledgeable and insightful is challenging in itself but also having to ask thought provoking questions to stir conversation and engagement was definitely the most challenging part of my internship.

Brianna Murawski

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  1. Hi Brianna,

    As a fellow marketing major, I loved reading your post! Seeing responses to your work from individuals who were not part of the company must have been so rewarding and reassuring of your work! There are many different fields of marketing that one can dive into; I am curious, would you be interested in pursuing a career in a Real Estate based market after working with The Jafri Capital team this summer?

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