Wrapping Up My Summer at Upstate Medical University

As I reflect on my summer as a research assistant, I recognize that despite both personal and scientific challenges, these have been some of the most rewarding and enlightening months of my professional and academic life.

Initially, I felt overwhelmed by the literature and laboratory protocols. I jumped in on a project that has been going on for several years, so it was challenging to discern where what I was doing fit into the grand scheme of things. However, as the summer progressed and I’ve gained hands on experience, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of the research and I feel much more confident in performing various laboratory tasks. Throughout this time, I have grown more comfortable with reading scientific literature and have learned a wide variety of laboratory techniques, both of which will serve me well in my future endeavors.

Overall, this internship at Upstate Medical University was a priceless experience. Going into this position, one of my primary goals was to determine whether I was interested in research. As I realize how sad I am to leave, it has solidified my interest in pursuing lab research as part of my career as a physician. I am so grateful for this experience, and I am so excited to see where my academic and professional journey takes me!

Looking at zebrafish embryos under the microscope
In front of Weiskotten Hall, the building I work in
Half of my (messy) lab bench. Unpictured to the right, I also have a computer for image analysis

Ellyn Prusinowski
Philosophy, Biochem Cell Molecular Biology

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  1. Ellyn,
    I am so happy for you that you enjoyed this internship experience as much as I did. I completely relate to the fears you felt about taking on work that you had no prior experience with, but it seems that doing so is the beauty of internships as it allows you to overcome those fears, so that when we get our first real jobs, we have established not only experience and skill within our fields, but confidence that we can take on whatever tasks may come our way!

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