An Enlightening Summer with the NJSPB

My internship with the NJSPB this summer was undeniably rewarding. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect was learning and experiencing more than I ever could in a classroom. While I highly value my education, my internship introduced me to a professional work environment, strengthened my hard and soft skills, and familiarized me with the inner workings of the criminal justice system. After all, these rewards are not typically feasible in a traditional academic setting. As a result, I am positive my experience this summer will give me a competitive edge in the future job market.

The most challenging aspect of my internship was maintaining my self-confidence. As the only intern in my unit (and the floor of the building), it was intimidating being the new face in the office. Most people have worked for the NJSPB for several years and know their colleagues well. Additionally, with no prior experience in the criminal justice field, a great deal of information was conveyed to me, all of which I did my best to absorb. Nevertheless, as the weeks passed, my confidence grew, and my knowledge expanded. I learned not to be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and share new ideas. Fortunately, I was guided and supported tremendously by my supervisor and colleagues. I am very grateful for such an enlightening summer, and I am excited to return to campus soon for my senior year!

My desktop computer
My desktop computer
Outside the front of the office
Outside the front of the office

Sydney Gero ’23
Criminal Justice

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  1. Sydney,
    I completely agree with your point that an internship can provide skills and knowledge that are impossible to impart properly in a classroom. This experience can only come from being put into a professional setting. This is why internships can be so valuable. I also understand the challenges that come with starting in a new environment such as a workplace. It is good to hear that you eventually found yourself comfortable in the office.

  2. Hi Sydney,
    I am so glad this was a rewarding experience for you! Professional experience in the workplace is definitely good to have in addition to the knowledge gained in the classroom. Internships are very intimidating at first, it’s great that you were able to find your niche and gain the confidence to ask questions and speak up. Nice work!

  3. Sydney,
    I relate to what you said about getting real life experience. It’s so different being in a true work setting rather than the classroom. I also like how you mentioned being intimidated but also how you grew from the struggle.

  4. Sydney,
    Glad to hear this internship was so rewarding for you. With starting our first internships, I think we can all relate to the imposter syndrome of being surrounded by people with years of prior experience. I know I felt extremely intimidated at my internship site at first. It’s great to hear you growing in your confidence in the field!

  5. Sydney!
    I’m so glad to hear how rewarding your internship was to you, especially as a fellow criminal justice major. I too constantly felt intimidated by the environment I was in so I’m glad you were able to power through it.

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