Interning at Indraloka; A Place Where All Animals are Loved

My internship at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is full of rewarding experiences. My absolute favorite part of my internship is being able to successfully take care of animals, providing them with the care and help that they need. It is an amazing opportunity to witness animals being rescued and given a second chance to live the life that they deserve. Recently, Indraloka welcomed three adorable chicks into the sanctuary. Unfortunately, upon arrival, one of the chicks was incapable of standing up and walking on its own. After progressive care and acupuncture treatment, the chick is slowing regaining strength in her legs. It is so inspiring and fulfilling to watch the chick’s gradual improvement. As she becomes stronger and healthier, I am constantly reminded of why I want to pursue a career as a veterinarian. All the rescued animals at Indraloka, including the three chicks, feel very safe, content, and happy because they live in an environment fostered by caregivers and a team that truly values, supports, and loves them.

The most challenging part of my internship is hearing about animals who are neglected, hoarded, or mistreated prior to coming to Indraloka. It is also difficult to witness animals that are battling illnesses. However, I am very thankful that these animals are being rescued and currently on the path to a happier and healthier life. After working as a Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care Intern, I am extremely confident that the veterinarian and team at Indraloka will provide the highest level of care to every single animal that walks through their door.


Cabre Capalongo, Biology ’25

5 Replies to “Interning at Indraloka; A Place Where All Animals are Loved”

  1. Hi Cabre! After reading your blog, I can certainly see how this experience was so rewarding. Even as someone who didn’t get to see these animals get rescued and brought back to health, it still brought a smile to my face! I think this internship was a great experience for you and your future, as the skills you learned here will likely stick with you throughout your professional career. I am glad you were able to have this opportunity this summer!

  2. Hi Cabre! I agree with you this does seem like an extremely rewarding experience! It is truly a tough thing to witness with these animals being neglected and not taken care of, but you are doing an amazing thing by helping them and being able to make them loved and cared for again. So glad to hear about this experience this summer!

  3. Hi Cabre,

    This sounds like a fantastic experience. It sounds extremely rewarding with positive stories such as the chick that was unable to walk but was able to regain strength. The work done at animal sanctuaries is extraordinary. The pictures are great and I’m glad you had such a worthwhile experience.

  4. Hi Cabre!

    I am so happy that your internship working at the animal sanctuary was such a rewarding experience. I feel like you were able to further the bond that you have with animals through the pictures that you’re sending. I also think you learned these important skills to take into the veterinary field (I didn’t know that one could perform acupuncture on chicks for instance?). Overall, I think this summer was a success and I’m excited to hear about it in-person!

  5. Hello, Cabre!

    It is awesome to hear about all the rewarding experiences that your internship brought. They way you described your roles and responsibilities as well as the skills you learned and knowledge you gained has truly shown the passion you have to become a veterinarian. Caring for animals and giving them a better life is such a significant purpose, and I can tell that you are genuinely committed to this career. I share a similar passion for helping others by creating treatment and rehabilitation plans as a physician. It is great to know this internship confirmed your desire to become a veterinarian, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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