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This summer I am an intern with the Scranton Counseling Center. I work with the Community School-Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH) team at a local elementary school. Throughout my internship, I hope to gain clinical skills such as creating treatment plans and building rapport with clients. Not only will this opportunity strengthen my clinical skills, but it will also make me a more competitive applicant when I apply to clinical psychology PhD programs. Since I am graduating at the end of this year, it is crucial I spend my summer learning as much as I can from professionals in the field. This is my second internship relevant to my career interest, and so far, it has reinforced my desire to enter the mental health field.  

It has been a few weeks since I started my internship, and I have been given multiple opportunities to learn from the MT and BHT on the team. They have been amazing in educating me about their role and what they do for their clients. Since starting, I have participated in a classroom observation, attended an at-home family visit, assisted in writing a treatment plan, and designed crafts for the Therapeutic Summer Program. Additionally, I am interacting directly with clients nearly every day at my internship. I am beyond grateful to work with people who foster my growth and allow me to learn from their experiences. I am also extremely grateful for the Roche Family Center for Career Development and the Psychology Department because they have given me the support I needed to make the most of my internship. 

My-Kim Dang, Psychology


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  1. My-Kim, I’m glad to hear this is your second internship and it has given you the ability to say “this is what I want” and be sure of your career choice. It sounds like you are getting a lot of great hands on experience!

  2. My-Kim,
    I’m glad you will have this opportunity at Scranton Counseling Center this summer. I know you will learn a lot about the field of mental health, and the work you are doing will make a difference! I’m looking forward to hearing more this summer!

  3. My-Kim,
    The range of experiences you’ve had thus far, from helping with treatment plans to creating crafts for the Therapeutic Summer Program, is impressive. It’s great that you get to learn from the team’s MT and BHT and have unique experiences like an at home family visit. It is also amazing that this is your second internship relevant to your career interest! You clearly have a passion for the subject, and I have no doubt that everyone around you finds inspiration in your excitement. It’s also amazing to hear that you value the assistance of the Psychology Department and Roche Family Center for Career Development; it’s obvious that they’re helping you make the most of this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing about your internship!

  4. My-Kim! This seems like a great opportunity to learn more about this field and it seems like you will really receive a lot of hands-on experience. I can’t wait to see what more comes this summer from your experience!

  5. It sounds like you’re really set up for a successful post-graduation! Our community can always use more people like you who care for every person equally. I hope you have a really interesting and fun summer there!

  6. My-Kim,

    This sounds like such a good opportunity for you to advance your education as well as pursue your career endeavors. With the level of client interaction you are experiencing, it seems like this is a very hands-on internship that allows you to learn new things everyday. We need more people out there like you who care about building meaningful relationship with clients! Good luck!

  7. My-Kim, this sounds like a wonderful opportunity to develop your expertise in your desired field of interest! I am glad that you have been given many opportunities to gain knowledge and experience, such as designing crafts and attending at-home family visits. It is also wonderful how you have the chance to interact with clients on a daily basis. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to hear more about your internship!

  8. My-Kim, this sounds like such a great experience to be able to learn more about clinical psychology and careers in behavioral health! Being able to attend in-home visits sounds incredibly hands-on. Good luck, and I’m excited to hear how the rest of your internship goes!

  9. My-Kim,

    I am so glad that you have this opportunity to complete another psychology internship! It sounds like it will be an incredibly rewarding experience, and that you are getting to do lots of hands-on work with patients! I am so glad that you are able to interact with clients every day, as well as gain important skills like writing treatment plans! I think that this experience will prove very valuable in your career, and when applying to graduate schools! Best of luck to you!

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