Bailey Cornish – Berger Hirschberg Strategies, LLC

Initially, I became interested in interning at the political fundraising firm Berger Hirschberg Strategies, LLC because it incorporates all my main interests into its business model: politics, finance, non-profit work, and networking. As a Political Science major at the University of Scranton, my goal of having a career within the political realm has been spurred on by my passion for public service, current events and social issues- topics with which BHS is extraordinarily aligned with.  

This internship will ideally serve as a stepping stone toward career opportunities in political consulting and/or finance. As an intern, I will be using NGP VAN to manage campaign databases: this is the campaign software used primarily by the Democratic Party. My goal of becoming familiar and adept with this technology will provide me with the necessary training and skills to maximize my hire-ability in the political campaigning field. Although I have used this software before, Berger Hirschberg Strategies handles many aspects of campaigns’ data, meaning that this internship will enable me to have a fully-formed and competent understanding of how their software and data management systems work.  

Additionally, I will be engaging in donor-outreach campaigns, through which I hope to gain stronger interpersonal and soft skills, and learn how to effectively communicate to others the incredible value that can be found in contributing to political campaigns, non-profit initiatives, and other worthy causes. Also, the political advocacy aspect of this internship will broaden my understanding of Democratic political campaigns during a Presidential election year, which will help me to be better informed and educated for any future career opportunities in campaigns and politics. 

Bailey Cornish, Political Science  

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  1. Bailey,
    This is going to be a very interesting experience! I’m excited to hear more about it as the summer goes on.

  2. Bailey,
    This looks like the ideal opportunity for you to further your career goals as a Political Science major. That you will be utilizing NGP VAN, an essential tool for Democratic campaigns, is wonderful to hear. Acquiring expertise in this program will undoubtedly improve your abilities and position you as a valued resource in the political campaigning industry. With your prior software experience and the extensive training you’ll receive at BHS, you’ll definitely have a solid grasp of campaign data administration. This internship will undoubtedly be a big step toward your financial and political consultancy career goals. Your enthusiasm for current affairs and public service, along with your proactive approach, will undoubtedly propel your success in this profession. I wish you luck as you complete your internship at Berger Hirschberg Strategies, LLC and I am excited to hear about your experiences!

  3. This is such a cool opportunity Bailey! I’m super curious how an entire campaign process works and I hope you get to learn a lot about that from beginning to end. A long summer awaits! Also, talking to people (especially donors) can be very difficult, but I hope you grow in your soft skills as you get through this internship and life! Good luck!

  4. Bailey, it sounds like getting to use and be proficient with this software will give you some big advantages in your career! That’s great you can see some of this during a presidential election year, that must be a great experience.

  5. Bailey, this sounds like a great opportunity for you to advance your political science interest. This is a very important opportunity given that 2024 is a very important election year. I am excited to hear about everything you do, the kinds of people you meet, and the great impact that you will have using the tools provided by this opportunity.

  6. Bailey, this internship with Berger Hirschberg Strategies, LLC sounds like an extraordinary experience and a great fit as it aligns with your career goals and interests. It is wonderful how you have the opportunity to develop your technological skills and knowledge when utilizing NGP VAN to manage campaign databases. Gaining proficiency in this will definitely be beneficial and give you an edge. I am looking forward to hearing more about your internship and wish you the best of luck!

  7. Bailey,
    Interning at the political fundraising firm Berger Hirschberg Strategies, LLC sounds like a terrific stepping stone for you because it will allow you to narrow down which career opportunities interest you the most. You set clear goals for yourself, and I hope this internship provides you with the experiences you need to be an appealing candidate in the political campaigning field. Best of luck to you, and I can’t wait to hear more about your experience throughout the summer!

  8. Bailey,
    This opportunity truly seems like the perfect fit for you! I hope that it provides you with experience in many different facets of your political science major and your future career. Also, I admire you for your passion for nonprofit work! I know that talking to donors and using persuasion to convince them to make donations can be very scary, so congratulations on stepping outside of your comfort zone! I can’t wait to hear more about this experience as you continue your internship!

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