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Welcome to the University of Scranton English and Theatre Blog.

Here we post the most current new related to our English and theatre department at the University of Scranton.

You will hear that we study Chaucer, Shakespeare, Julia Alvarez, Lighting Design, the Rhetoric of 9/11, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, James Joyce and playwriting, to name just a few of our specialties – and that we love our work.

When you come to class, you’ll find that passion informing our teaching. We teach our students to read deeply and well, and to engage with literature on many fronts, whether performing a scene from one of Shakespeare’s comedies, crafting a poem, analyzing a narrative, constructing a set or developing a writing portfolio.

Our distinguished faculty help our students succeed in the classroom, in co-curricular activities and in their lives as professionals and as citizens.