Learning in the Field

Thanks to the Royal Experience Program, I have spent the last few weeks learning and growing as an intern at Lackawanna Pro Bono. The inner workings of the justice system, especially as it relates to its application to those of disadvantaged backgrounds, has been the centerpiece of experience and exposure thus far. While facts and figures can be committed to memory around these topics, such book knowledge never can be compared to getting up close and personal with the daily realities faced by these members of our community.

This summer experience will enable me to test my coursework-based assumptions, as well as develop my critical thinking and communication skills. I also hope to continue acquiring the ability to elicit accurate and complete information from clients and gain practical knowledge about the legal system. I am confident that the Lackawanna Pro Bono experience will inform my future practice of law, allowing me to cater my client approach to their individual circumstances with compassion.

Paula Awuku
Political Science
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  1. Delia Gavin says:

    I am glad to hear you are enjoying your internship so far! It sounds extremely beneficial to your future to be able to have this experience. I am sure that you will be able to move forward with this summer's work in mind when you become an attorney. You made an important point about how books tend to lack the real life experience you get when you witness the profession day by day. Enjoy the rest of your internship and I look forward to reading your final post!

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