An Unusual, but Interesting Internship on the Front Lines.

What I hope to learn from my internship at the Blairstown Ambulance Corps are things that I could not physically be able to experience otherwise. Not only do I intend to learn and practice the highest quality medical care that I can, I intend to use this time to develop well-rounded skills that may not be directly related to patient care. For instance, I will be using organizational skills to juggle dozens of charts, working with a team of people I may or may not know in a large-scale incident, and improving on leadership skills.

The skills and experiences I gain from my unpaid internship develop me to be a more professional and well-rounded healthcare provider and team member. As I follow my dream to become a physician, my time spent as an EMT further entrenches my belief that this is absolutely what I want to do for the rest of my life. Whether it is the general sense of ‘family’ amongst the squad, or the rush of a lifesaving call, there is no other place that I would rather be to support me in my career choice.

Tommy Baran

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