Social Distancing Increases the Need for Digital Marketing!

This summer I will be an intern with White Birch Media Group LLC., specifically working on the “It Is A Keeper” blog. I am excited for this endeavor because it combines my personal and professional interests! I have the incredible opportunity to bring together Digital Marketing and Graphic Design. As an artist that is on my way to becoming a professional Marketer, I am thrilled to learn firsthand, some of the challenging aspects of Marketing that won’t necessarily be taught in the classroom. The most important skill a Marketer could possess in this Digital era, is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is when you learn the unique and quickly changing algorithms of platforms like Google to then work around them in a way that will make your brand and content get as much online traffic as possible. Another skill that I will be able to build upon is Email Marketing. “It Is A Keeper” is a popular blog with over two million yearly viewers! With an audience this big, I will learn the ins and outs of writing engaging Emails that will drive viewers to new and exciting blog posts. I am extremely thankful and grateful that I will still be able to learn and grow with this virtual opportunity amidst the pandemic.

Kaitlyn Bentley

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  1. Brianna Murawski says:

    As a marketing major myself, I can see how this internship is very beneficial for you and your future! I hope you are enjoying the experience and I wish you the best of luck as you continue forward!

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