A Summer of Digital Marketing

During my time working for the It Is A Keeper Blog, I have been able to learn a lot while exercising my creative abilities. Working for this Blog has been extremely rewarding because I have been combining my love for art with my passion for Digital Marketing. The tasks that I have been assigned and working on throughout the summer were Pinterest Research and Design as well as Instagram Story Design. With Social Media platforms being networks that are backed by algorithms, research involves me figuring out what posts do well and marketing new posts accordingly. This aspect of my internship has been extremely rewarding because I have never done Marketing through Pinterest and now see the importance of this major platform. The challenging aspect of this has been creating designs that look fresh and relevant. Searching for inspiration could often times be overwhelming when I looked through impressive designs. However, this challenge just encouraged me to go the extra mile and design multiple options for posts.

Kaitlyn Bentley

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  1. I never considered marketing through Pinterest, that is really cool! It sounds like you had a great experience this summer, good luck with your semester!

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