Virtual Results and Learning The Basics

The most rewarding part of my summer internship is still being connected to the lab even when I’m not on campus. One of the hardest adjustments that the switch to remote learning brought me was the inability to work on experiments and be in lab. Through the Royal Summer Experience, I’ve been able to reserve time for research and learning new research techniques. I think the fact that I’m still able to pursue meaningful research even when I’m not on campus is one of the most exciting aspects of this internship. I’m excited to finish data analysis of my short-term high-fat diet study and see what my results yield!

The toughest part of this internship has definitely been teaching myself the basics of Python syntax, text/image/video content analysis, and different data science research techniques. Although I want to jump right into the experiment and analyze political ads for my second project this summer, I know that I need a solid grasp on the basics before I can complete this experiment elegantly.

Jithin V. George
Neuroscience, Biomathematics

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  1. Hi Jithin,

    Python is a really neat language, and it can do so many things, however it is certainly difficult to get used to. I’m glad your experiences with the Royal Internship scholarship allowed you to still work on your research, especially in this unprecedented time!

  2. Hi Jithin,

    As a business major at the University of Scranton, I find the work of science majors fascinating. Since my only experience with science during college was in my Nutrition class, I am curious of how your study of a short-term high-fat diet will go!

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