The Most Rewarding and Challenging Aspects of my Internship

The most rewarding part of this internship was being part of a team and making an impact. During my internship, my main responsibilities were researching and applying for grants as well as keeping track of and organizing records. It was rewarding to work with a team of other interns to submit a grant proposal, knowing that our work could potentially enable this organization to expand its programs and services, if it was to receive the grants we applied for. Additionally, it was very rewarding to work on grants because I proved to myself that I can adapt and learn as I go with projects, I have no prior experience with. I am very pleased that this internship gave me the opportunity to learn skillsets I may have never otherwise learned. The most challenging aspect of this internship was consistent and clear communication among team members due to working remotely. In my past employment and internship experiences, communication has never been a problem, so it was initially difficult to work on a team that struggled with communication. I feel that this was a good learning experience for me, because as a team we were able to overcome this obstacle by developing a structured system in which we could communicate more effectively. Ultimately working for a non-profit organization was very rewarding because I knew that at the end of the day my work was contributing to the services we provide to women in need.

Carly Dugan

Carly Dugan
Counseling and Human Services

2 Replies to “The Most Rewarding and Challenging Aspects of my Internship”

  1. Hi Carly,

    It’s awesome to see that you enjoyed your internship experience and that you gained a lot from it!
    I understand the sentiment of diving into something new and the satisfaction that comes with completing foreign tasks, it’s definitely very rewarding! Your internship sounds awesome and that you were able to incorporate service into your learning experience very effectively!


  2. Carly,
    I myself had the ability to work with a team of interns instead of individually. I’m glad that you enjoyed your experience and were able to sense that feeling of importance and pride from your work that expanded and enhanced the organization with your team. Great work!


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