My First Weeks: Getting Acquainted with Law

For much of this year I have doubted exactly where I would like to take my future career; several months ago, however, I realized that first-hand professional experience would be the most telling factor in steering my decision. After completing my third week as an intern at Attorney Rose Randazzo’s law office, I have found this to be true. I have been able to make better-informed decisions about my next steps in life.

The environment of Attorney Randazzo’s office is professional and cordial, with a hint of calm. This was a relief to find, considering both how unsure of my career I was and how intimidating the prospects are of stepping into a new professional internship. From day one, where I learned the basics of how the office runs, to this week, where I have just finished writing a seven-page memorandum on a local zoning ordinance, I feel confident in deciding that law school will be my next step. I have arrived at this decision because of how much I have been enjoying working in a legal environment. It is a lot more like school than one would think—it is structured, informative, and a lot of fun! Thankfully, I love school, so working for Attorney Randazzo has been wonderful.

In these first weeks, I have learned about insurance settlements, incorporation, bilateral development contracts, and how all of these (and more) can be done ethically and professionally. I hope, as the summer continues, that I may refine this knowledge and build upon it; I will be no expert by the end, but I believe that I am gaining a valuable foundation to take with me as I prepare to apply to law school (and, of course, through to my career afterward). The most important thing I have learned in this short time is that being an attorney is not simply about making money, it’s also about building a network and creating relationships. It’s also not just about personally upholding the law but making sure to hold others accountable, as well. My internship focuses on personal injury and commercial development—two areas of law that do not necessarily coincide with our conventional ideas of “justice.” However, I see the value in them; I see the potential.

As I go forward, I will be keeping the Jesuit question of cura personalis in mind as I try to understand how I will make myself better, all while being a man for others. No matter the area of law, I’ve learned, there must always be an observation of striving to do good. I see this in Attorney Randazzo’s office, who is an alumna of the University of Scranton. She understands being one for others, regardless of what one does. I am so grateful to be shadowing someone I can relate to and work with who shares my sentiments. The synergism we have is important to me, as my next life stage approaches. The knowledge I’m gaining now will be the cornerstone for everything else that comes after it. Being an attorney is difficult but rewarding, but difficulty is code for potential. Most importantly, this means that I will always be able to improve; no win or fail will ever be the end—and I like that prospect. Through my work, I hope to learn more about myself professionally, to continually learn and grow.

Sam in the office.
In the office.
Office Environment
Office environment.
Office Environment
Office environment.

Sam Marranca ‘22

4 Replies to “My First Weeks: Getting Acquainted with Law”

  1. I agree with you that hands-on experience is really important, and I’m glad that this internship helped you decide to go to law school! I found what you said about difficulty being code for potential very interesting. Next time I find something in the lab to be difficult, I’ll try looking at it that way.

  2. I’m really glad this internship has allowed to to decide what you want to do after your years at Scranton! I love your attitude regarding the obstacles you have ahead of you, and agree that a positive outlook will take you far. Keep up the awesome work, and good luck with the rest of your internship!

  3. Sam, I’m so glad your internship at the law firm is giving you confidence in your future career path! I hope the rest of the summer continues to make you excited about all you will be able to accomplish for good as a lawyer in the future. I appreciate your perspective of always being able to improve, learn and grow. I will carry this with me in my internship, school, and work experiences.

  4. Hi Sam!
    I’m so glad to hear that you are receiving this legal experience! As a pre-law student myself, I know how difficult it is to gauge if the legal profession is right for you without the necessary experience, so, it is great that you are finally confident in your career path. Additionally, I love how you mentioned the Jesuit value of cura personalis; it is so important for us to acknowledge how our internships are improving all aspects of our life, in addition to our career trajectory.

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