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The most rewarding aspect of my CMEP internship has been connecting with people who are passionate about working for peace in Israel/Palestine or are interested in learning more. In personal emails, I appreciate the responses from interested individuals. One gentleman learned I go to Scranton and excitedly told me about the benefits of his own Jesuit education. In emailing various individuals about planning informative and transformational trip to Israel/Palestine, I am excited for all those who express interest in trip planning. After my incredible study abroad experience to the Holy Land, I know how important such a trip can be for one’s faith and awareness of the need for peace in the land. I’m further encouraged by the number of Americans who really do care and want to work for peace in Israel/Palestine. Seeing people outside CMEP as invested as those working here, I am hopeful that peace is possible.

While this hope makes my efforts rewarding, the slow work towards peace makes my internship challenging. I will finish at CMEP in just a week, but the work of CMEP will continue for years to come. My impatient heart seeking justice and peace now hates the long-term planning and the fact that so many non-profits are working on various aspects of peace in the Middle East but there is so much still to be done. I find it difficult to trust that my work this summer matters when I (obviously) do not see any immediate, positive, largescale change. However, I know that with dedicated individuals like those at CMEP and those educating themselves on Israel/Palestine, one day peace will not be a mere possibility, but a reality.

Kathleen Wallace ’23
Philosophy, Theology

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  1. Christina Alfano says:

    What you’ve done this summer has definitely made a difference! Imagine if you didn’t do your part this summer. It’s all a domino effect.

  2. Jillian Haller says:

    I’m so happy that you got to spend your summer pursuing work that is so meaningful to you!
    I understand it can be frustrating to think your work did not make immediate changes, but the efforts you put forth certainly made a difference.

  3. Sam Marranca says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    Hearing about your continued work with CMEP is really so inspiring. I know that so many of us hope and pray for peace in the Middle East– especially in places as spiritually significant as Israel and Palestine. I know it must be very challenging (as you say) to think that your work will have a positive impact, but I believe that every piece counts in a big way! In the long-run I’m sure you’ll come to see this. I’m so glad you have had this opportunity this summer.

  4. Tiannah Adams says:

    Hi Kathleen!
    It seems like you’ve learned so much this summer! I know how frustrating it can be to not see immediate results from all of your hard work. I’ve experienced this frustration myself. It is so important to remind yourself of the large impact your work will have in the long run!

  5. Michael Walton says:

    I can relate to the frustration that comes from wanting to put an end to global issues. I am also interning with a nonprofit, the Borgen Project. The issue that it aims to end is global poverty. Just as you wish the conflict between Israel and Palestine to end now, I wish that global poverty could end now. However, these are both problems that will not end overnight. When trying to tackle such large scale issues, patience is key. Best of luck with the remainder of your internship.

  6. Julia Loury says:

    What a cause! Your internship really sounds like it is helping to make a change. I’m really interested in that subject myself, and I can’t wait to visit Israel sometime soon! Your internship environment sounds very open and welcoming with kind people. Good luck on the rest of your internship!

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