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Throughout my internship with the Reading Royals, I am eager to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will benefit my professional career moving forward. Working in the sports industry has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid, and now that I get the opportunity to intern with a professional team. I am thrilled to learn what it’s like working in sports. During my time here with the Royals, I hope to get a feel for what the atmosphere is like around the offices and around the arena on a daily basis. Are the people that work here sports fanatics? Is the setting any different from a typical office job? Is this the type of environment I would want to work in for the rest of my life? These are all questions I believe I can get an answer to while working for the Royals this summer. Hopefully, this will help me determine if a lifelong commitment to the sports industry aligns with my career aspirations and passions.

Another goal of mine this summer is to determine if a sales job could be a good fit for me in the future. Within the past year, I’ve been told twice that I sound like I could be in sales. Once at the career fair this past spring, and again at an interview for an internship position with the University of Scranton athletic department. Sure enough, I was able to land this internship with the Reading Royals, as a ticket sales and sponsorship intern. Not only will I get a feel for what it’s like to work in sports as I mentioned earlier, but I will also get to learn and apply my skills of being a sales representative. The sales knowledge I gain from this internship will hopefully open more possibilities for my future and allow me to improve my overall people skills. I am excited about this opportunity and I believe the experience I gain from this internship will greatly contribute to my professional growth.

Benjamin Trexler

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  1. Hi Benjamin! I think that this experience seems like a really good opportunity for you to explore different careers and get your toes in the water. I am ecstatic for you that working in the sports industry has been a dream of yours and that you are getting to participate in these experiences even though you are not graduated yet! I hope that this experience will help you to gain more knowledge about sales and the sports industry and you are able to move forward with this experience and a better understanding of both. I look forward to hearing more about this experience!

  2. Benjamin,

    It’s great to hear that you are working in a field that you have dreamed of working in since you were little. This is a testament to your hard work and determination. You raise some great questions that you hope the internship will answer. These questions made me think about my internship also so thank you. It is great that people have identified you as a good sales person. This is a great skill that cannot be learned. I’m glad that this internship allows you to test your sales skills in a real-world environment.
    I look forward to hear more about this internship!

  3. Hello, Benjamin!

    Your internship sounds very interesting. Growing up with an older brother, I can say sports was always something that was talked about and participated in. From attending many of his baseball and basketball tournaments, I could definitely understand how important it is to be a good communicator. It is great to hear that you are exploring all your options and further developing your ability to interact with others.

    It is awesome how you have articulated questions that you intend to answer by the end of your experience. What made you develop a love for sports and communication? Is there any particular career that you are leaning towards? If you had the chance to work for any sports team, what would it be and why? I look forward to hearing more about your internship.

  4. Hello, Benjamin!

    Interning in the sports industry with a professional team sounds like such an amazing experience! It is awesome that you are on the path to achieving your childhood dreams. I hope you learn the answers to all your questions. Awesome pictures!

  5. Hey Ben!

    I love how passionate you are about participating in the sports industry and shaping that experience for people through a sale perspective. It’s great that you have questions and are now trying to answer them by going through this experience. It means that you are honest about what you want to do and that is something that I respect. I hope you enjoy the rest of your internship and I’m looking forward to hearing about it soon!

  6. Hey Ben,
    Interning in the sports industry, to me, sounds very awesome as an avid football fan. I am super glad you are excited to work in this internship and I hope it has been everything you were hoping for. Who knows, you may even decide to go into this field over sales! And if you still decide to go into sales, that is amazing too, so here’s hoping you enjoy your internship and I look forward to seeing how it all went!

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