Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

As an Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine Intern at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, I am excited to become more educated in the field of veterinary science while learning proper animal care skills. Throughout my internship, I hope to learn how to handle both small and large animals, perform physical examinations, treat and diagnose illnesses in various species of animals, prepare and administer vaccines, draw blood samples, learn important surgical techniques, and aid in the preparation and recovery periods of surgery. I will have the opportunity to become familiar with medical terminology and different types of medications and vaccinations. I also look forward to learning about animal health and nutrition, which includes sustaining a healthy environment for animals to thrive.

After graduation, I plan on attending veterinary school. My experiences and professional skills learned from the Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine Internship position will prepare me for my future career, allowing me to achieve my childhood ambition of becoming a mixed-practice veterinarian. At the sanctuary, I can learn how to care for a variety of animals including cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, alpacas, rabbits, cats, dogs, turkeys, geese, and more! I am beyond excited to share my love for animals with the community and team at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, all while helping animals that are in need.

Cabre Capalongo

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  1. Hello, Cabre!

    Your internship sounds awesome. I also share the love for science and medicine. This summer I am going to be working with animals as well, specifically zebrafish. My interaction with zebrafish will be to conduct research on neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. It is great to have related passions and opportunities.

    What made you want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine? How do you prepare a vaccine, and what surgical techniques have you learned so far? I look forward to hearing more about your experience.

  2. Hi Cabre! This internship seems like an amazing experience for you. It is good to get hands on experience since veterinary school is the way you want to go. I like how you talked about having this as your dream since being a child and that you are now able to fulfill it! I cannot wait to hear more about this internship experience!

  3. Hi Cabre!
    This internship sounds like an awesome opportunity for you to get real-life experience with animals! This internship is certainly going to propel your career in veterinary medicine and provide you with important experience when you attend veterinary school. This sounds like a very hands-on internship and seems more like a hobby than a job which is great! I hope you enjoy your time at this internship and I am excited to hear how the rest of your summer goes!

  4. Cabre,

    This already sounds like a fantastic experience and it appears that you’ve learned lots already. It’s great that you are getting hands-on and practical experience from this internship. This will greatly help you as you attend veterinary school in the future.
    I can’t wait to hear more about it! Great pictures.

  5. Hey Cabre!
    Looking at the pictures and reading about how you want to see for this internship, I think this experience is going to be so great for you. I always believe that you should be passionate about what you want to pursue, and it shows with your passion. You want to learn all that you can about veterinary medicine because that is what you love. Never give up on that as you keep learning and growing with these new skills. Savor every moment and I cannot wait to see how everything goes!

  6. Hi Cabre,
    This sounds like such a great experience/internship for you! Being able to have hands on work in a field like veterinary medicine must be really rewarding and based on your blog post, its easy to tell you feel that way. It’s awesome that you are able to do something you consider your “dream” and this is certainly a great step in that direction!

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