Gearing Up for the Future with the Help of Manhattan Justice Opportunities

I am fervently passionate about criminal justice reform, more specifically the end of mass incarceration, the school to prison pipeline, and recidivism rates within Black and Brown communities. That being said, I have had an immensely rewarding experience at Manhattan Justice Opportunities thus far; I have already gotten a chance to shadow court procedures, legal clinical intakes, and client group sessions.

My long-term career goal is to open a non-profit organization that addresses these systemic issues within our country. Manhattan Justice Opportunities will grant me the necessary experience of working at a legal non-profit organization that closely resembles what I’d like to accomplish in the future. During my internship, I will be expanding upon my knowledge on topics such as restorative justice, drug diversion programs, and other alternatives to incarceration, all of which tackle the broader issue of mass incarceration and recidivism rates within our country.

Additionally, as a future criminal defense attorney, it is imperative for me to learn more about the alternative routes to incarceration, since incarceration is not the only, nor the best, solution for every individual who enters the criminal justice system. Manhattan Justice Opportunities has perfected an individualized process that prioritizes the needs of each client within their organization. This organization focuses on the betterment of their clients rather than financial compensation, which is a mindset that every lawyer should have and one that I hope to apply in my future practices.

Tiannah Adams ’22