Prof. Kraus Publishes Flash Fiction/Prose Poem in “Flare”

Joe Kraus, who teaches creative nonfiction writing as part of the creative writing faculty, has just published a prose poem/flash fiction piece called “Three Stories about My Body” in Flare, the literary journal of Flagler College.

The piece begins:


We were walking through the arboretum when a chunk of my tongue fell off. The surgeon had warned me to expect it, and he assured me it was part of the healing, but he hadn’t said what I should do with the flesh. It felt like the butt of a chewed cigar, wet and the size of the last knuckle on my thumb. I cupped it in my palm for a few minutes, unsure how I would explain if any of the others noticed.

When I had a moment, I slipped it into the pond by the side of the willow. It sank and then, when it reached a foot below the surface, it began to shimmy, turned on its side, and seemed suddenly a fish. I watched until it swam beneath the foot bridge we were about to cross.

You can read it in full at


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