Graduating Senior Nick Healey Joins Navy

Graduating senior Nick Healey is using his degree in English in what might seem surprising fashion: he’s joining the Navy. As Nick describes it,

“My post graduation plans are to join the U.S. Navy. Currently I am in what is called the Delayed Entry Program so what that means is that I have sworn in and currently attend meetings and work outs with the navy but I do not leave for boot camp for several months. This gives me an opportunity to learn a little about the navy before leaving. As of right now I do not have a job or classification however I am in the process of passing fitness tests required for the jobs that I want. I will hopefully keep passing and eventually get a contract with my first job of choice. Once contracted in the specialized program I will be given a shipment date for boot camp and continue to get ready to leave.”

When asked what might be the obvious follow-up question, “How will studying English help with that?,” he adds,

“The English degree from the University will help me rise in rank quicker than others enlisting. It will also raise my pay monthly. The most important thing that graduating and getting a degree will do is to open up jobs outside the military for when I decide to retire. Most government jobs that I am interested in applying for would require a college degree and the communication skills I have developed as an English major will make me a desired candidate.”

We proud of Nick and wish him a safe and fulfilling experience.

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